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Welcome from the Principal

LColston's Girls' School is an exceptional academy which actively recruits an ethnically diverse comprehensive intake from across Greater Bristol. Academic excellence, traditional values and cutting-edge facilities give our girls the very best education. The school opened in 1891 and we cherish our history and traditions.

We ensure that every girl's unique personality and individuality flourishes under our care. Our academic success is supported by good pastoral care and a supportive, happy environment. Strong social and moral codes are part of school life with politeness, tolerance and hard work being the norm. We are committed to ensuring that all our students are given the opportunity to become happy, compelling and successful individuals who are capable of shaping their local, national and global communities.

We provide an education that seeks to prepare our young people for a future in which they will need to be adaptable, resourceful and ethical in facing increasingly complex challenges. The school has strong traditions which are focused on personal responsibility, respect, curiosity and resilience. At the same time we continually researching and innovating in order to ensure that our students receive a world class education.  We work with our students to ensure that:

  • Students always strive to be the best they can possibly be.
  • The students are empowered to become leaders.
  • Receive outstanding care, guidance and support.
  • That there are absolutely no limits on what they can achieve.

CGS is a stimulating, caring and orderly environment in which students are provided with a secure and supportive environment to take on challenges. We expect students to work hard and to always produce work that reflects their full potential. Students will be given the opportunity to re-draft and improve work until the work reveals that they are making expected progress.

High Expectations

Everyone at CGS is dedicated to serving our young people.  Every student is important to us. In each of our students we will develop the aspiration, self-confidence and desire to shape the world. We have the highest expectations and are committed to seeing that each one of our young people achieves their full potential, ready to take an active and responsible part in society. We want our students to become the leaders in their communities and carry with them the desire to empower and do what is right for the most vulnerable.


We develop and grow the talents and gifts of every student. We will offer support in the areas of learning the student finds most challenging and constructively challenge those in which they have the potential to become outstanding. There are endless opportunities for our young people to achieve success within and beyond lessons, including an extensive enrichment programme. In addition, our business links ensure students learn about employment and careers, equipping them with skills for long, successful lives. Our unique position as an Academy co-sponsored by the Society of Merchant Venturers and the University of Bristol brings with it exceptional advantages for our students.


We closely track the progress of students to ensure they achieve their absolute potential. All students are given the opportunity to engage with challenging concepts and ideas. We make no assumptions about the limits of an individual's potential. Scaffolded support with literacy and numeracy is provided for individual students where appropriate. Diagnostic reviews identify where students need more subject specific interventions. We have a dedicated pastoral team who work to support students in feeling confident and secure in the school at times when they are facing a range of challenges.


CGS has a superb team of highly skilled and creative staff. We have a unique environment with a mixture of modern facilities and buildings which reflect the history of the school. The staff and our dedicated governors are highly qualified, experienced and committed to ensuring that every student is given the opportunity to become the absolute best they can be.  Teaching and learning is of the highest standard and the buildings, facilities and resourcing are exceptional. Our ambition is to help well supported and challenged young people to become dynamic and compelling individuals who seek to empower others in the school and their local community.

All at CGS look forward to welcoming you to the school.

John Whitehead, Principal