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Commemoration Day 2017

Over the last year the senior leadership and governors at CGS have worked to make the Commemoration service more inclusive and relevant to the students. After consultation with students from all year groups we have decided to remove all reference to Edward Colston from the service and we will no longer be asking the students to wear a chrysanthemum in his memory. The focus of the service will be on the values of CGS throughout its existence and a clear acknowledgement of the damage done by slavery in the past and the present. We intend to continue to work with the students and the wider community to review and update this event every year.

The focus of Commemoration has always been on the founding of the school in 1891 (Edward Colston died in 1721) and the student and staff who have worked so hard to make the school a success. The aspect of history we choose to commemorate says a great deal about our personal ethics.  By choosing to focus on the victims of slavery for Commemoration 2017 we are reflecting the values and moral values of the wonderfully diverse body of the students currently at CGS.