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Sixth Form

Why study Sociology?

Sociology is a relevant, exciting and current course that provides an insight into how our behaviour is shaped by the world around us. The topics covered on the AS Level/A Level course help to explain why people are no longer choosing to marry, why middle class students achieve better grades in school, how religion can unify and divide a society and why crime is concentrated in inner city areas. If you are inquisitive and keen to understand these points, Sociology is the course for you. In Sociology we examine different sociological perspectives that provide a unique take on society, the variety of research methods employed by different groups of sociologists and the strengths and weaknesses of employing them to study aspects of society. You will need to be able to assess the quality of the sociological views and methods covered, be good at working on your own and as part of a group, take part in discussions and debates, construct balanced arguments and keep up to date with relevant news stories.

Future Pathways

Studying Sociology provides an excellent foundation for a number of popular university courses. For example, Criminology, Education Studies and Social Policy. Sociology provides knowledge and skills that are transferable to a number of careers such as Education, Media, Health and so on.

Recent Exam Success

All A Level students secured a place on their chosen degree course. Students went on to study Sociology, Politics and International Relations.

Full Course Information is available here

Revision Y12 Sociology AS Education with Methods in Context PLC

Revision Y12 Sociology AS Families and Households PLC

Revision Y12 Sociology AS Research Methods PLC

Revision Y13 Sociology A2 Beliefs in Society Revision List