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Why choose CGS 6th Form

At Colston’s Girls’ School we believe that you can be anything you want to be and you will be encouraged to pursue your dreams and ambitions. Our aim is that every Sixth Form student will leave with a range of skills, interests and academic achievements which will form the basis of a happy and fulfilled life.

The support we provide allows you to focus your attention on A Level success and exploring the most appropriate path in life for you whether that is at university here or abroad, college, taking a gap year, doing an apprenticeship or going into employment.

Life for a Sixth Form student at Colston’s is both enjoyable and stimulating. The atmosphere is more relaxed and informal as is the relationship with subject staff. The emphasis is on self-motivated, independent learning, developing new skills and taking a greater responsibility for your own work. These are all qualities that you will find essential for university study and your future career.

As senior students, Sixth Formers play an important role as leaders of the school community and have many opportunities to work with younger pupils through the School Council, helping out with Lower School classes, the form-prefect system and through extra-curricular activities. They also share in the day-to-day running of the school and they have the opportunity to represent the school in public on many important occasions throughout the year.

The Sixth Form students benefit from a Common Room, a resource room for private study and research and a café where students can go to chat and relax. The Head Girl Team also has an office next to the Common Room. There are new library facilities and new and refurbished departmental areas and a garden where BBQs are held for the Sixth Form and guests.