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Year 7 Open Events for entry in September 2022

We are delighted to welcome you to our Year 7 Open Events for prospective parents/carers looking for admission in September 2022.

There will be two opportunities for parents/carers and current Year 6 students to attend an open event, the dates of which will be available shortly.

There is lots of additional information on our website and a list of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS (please click here) about the school and its admissions process.  There is also information available on the Government's Compare Schools website (click here).

You may also wish to view the School's admissions policy, which details the oversubscription criteria.  A link to Bristol City Council's website for parents/carers to register and make their selection of preferred schools will be made available in September.  

In the meanwhile, we have made available presentations from the 2020 open events, which we hope you will find informative.


Introduction by Kerry Mccullagh, Principal Life as a new Year 7 Student



Year 8 Student Year 10 Student



CGS NAME CHANGE CONSULTATION Caroline McClean, Head of V6 Sixth Form