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Ethos & Values

Vision and Values

CGS is a unique school which passionately believes in creating a learning environment that meets the needs of every young person in our community. This ambition is embodied in our mission statement which serves as a guide in the long term strategic planning by the CGS senior leadership team.  

Our Mission

To inspire all students to become confident, ethical and compelling individuals with the aspiration and qualities to shape a better future for all

CGS is a school in which the core values of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, CURIOSITY and RESILIENCE are resonant in everything the students are empowered to do. We seek to offer an inspiring 21st Century curriculum;and a range of learning experiences that allow every young person in the school to make outstanding progress. We seek to celebrate the wonderful diversity in the school in a way that acknowledges the identity of every young person. We also seek to celebrate the achievements of every young person in the community in a way that raises their self-esteem and aspiration.