Curriculum Overview - Colston's Girls' School

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Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at Colston’s Girls’ School will inspire students to become ethical and compelling individuals who are inquisitive about all areas of learning. Through the wide variety of subjects offered CGS will provide all students with the knowledge, skills and competencies to be leaders in the innovative and dynamic global economy where transferrable skills are essential.  Students will follow a traditional core curriculum that enables them to access their future goals. Personal, social and health education (PSHE) as well as employability skills are embedded throughout the curriculum and within a comprehensive tutorial and enrichment programme.

All students have a two week timetable in which they study 50 hours, each lesson is 60 minutes in duration.


Prior assessment, baseline CAT scores and accelerated reading scores at the start of Year 7, are used to identify students attainment and group appropriately in English, mathematics, science and languages to support learning and ensure students make accelerated progress where needed. All students study french and spanish in year 7 and go on to make language choice options in year 8 from these and latin, german and russian which allows students to tailor their own curriculum at KS3 to support their passion for learning languages.

  • Students who need additional support with literacy or numeracy will be part of the challenge curriculum set that merges humanities and a language option together. This allows staff to teach high concept challenge work that is tailored to individual student progress to ensure.
  • All students throughout key stage three study food and nutrition as part of the CGS commitment to healthy lifestyles for all students. Computing further enhances the technology curriculum for students throughout key stage three.
  • Humanities covers the areas of history, geography and religious studies and students will also student art, PE, drama and music in year group sets.
  • Finally all students in year 7 will study learning skills which highlights the heritage and traditions of the school and combines the philosophy for children curriculum. Year 8 students have an additional period of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) to stimulate their interests in these employment sectors.


In Years 10 and 11 students continue to study the core subjects of English, mathematics and either double or triple sciences. As part of their year 9 options evening they will complement this with four option choices. One option is either history or geography and another is a language subject. Students are grouped by their attainment in the core subject areas and are in mixed ability groups for their option subjects. Colston’s Girls’ School offers a wide variety of subjects as options and may differ each year depending upon student demand for a particular course.

Course Options  2017-19

Option 1 – Either history or geography

Option 2 – Language choice – French, German, Spanish, Latin, Russian.

Option 3 and 4 - Art & design, fine art, business, computer science, music, drama, sports science, history, geography French, German, Spanish, Latin, Russian, food and nutrition.

Core PE remains a part of the Y10 and Y11 curriculum. Sports science can be taken as an option subject.


In Years 12 & 13 students have the opportunity to specialise in subjects of their choice. All Year 12 students take at least three but up to five subjects.

The following A-Level subjects are available for students who meet the entry requirements:

Art, applied science, biology, business, chemistry, computer science, core mathematics, drama, English language, English literature, Extended Project Qualification, further mathematics, French, German, geography, history, home languages, Latin, mathematics, music, photography, psychology, physics, Spanish, sociology.

Courses will run provided sufficient students opt for a subject.

A Level courses are 2 year courses, so students continue the subject choices they made in Year 12 into Year 13. Some subjects are available for AS study for one year only.